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Its almost summer again, and that means everyone is freaking out to find the best bathing suit and high waisted shorts this city and a sale at Barney’s can offer. So before the fun is over and everyone hates their apartment for being “too damn hawt” here are some of out TOP TEN fav’s for this summer. To keep you cool…and of course stylish! 


There’s nothing better than a cold, fresh glass of Kombucha in the hot summer sun. Stock up, make your own or purchase some from the local New York based brewery Beyond Kombucha. Bottles up! 

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Us ladies love our skin…but don’t exactly love the feeling of ten lbs of Tropicana protecting our perfectly pale faces from the harsh and inevitable sun that summer brings. No need to hide your face behind sun hats, finally MAC Cosmetics came to the rescue! A tinted primer that doubles as sunscreen is great for the woman who wants a fresh and protected face. 

To purchase MAC’s Beauty Balm and any of their other products shop here:


Its about to be summer in the city and I know, we should be suggesting where to get the best suit for those roof top pool parties but why not suggest the coolest towels?? This Marc Jacob’s towel is only $35 and a great way to spark up conversation with the cutie on the other side of the pool. 

Purchase your MJ towel here:


Every twenty something in the city rides the subway, and if your riding the subway you know phones don’t work down there…so stop playing your weird ninja fruit game you pretend is an important new article and actually pick up a book and READ. Yep, R.E.A.D. And who better to read about the the one and only Diana Vreeland. D.V. chronicles her life and her many experiences at Vouge and Harper’s Bazaar. 

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